Step 3: unique regeneration and nourishment

Bio regenerating facial oil

An effective alternative to a day and night cream may be bio regenerating facial oils. They are created from three types of cold-pressed vegetable oils of the highest quality. Jojoba, as one of the most valuable natural oils, significantly helps to regulate skin humidity. Borage oil is extremely suitable for problematic skin thanks to its high content of gamma-linolenic acid. Rosehip oil has well-known anti-wrinkle effects. Perfectly treats dry and mature skin and supports its vitality. They may also contain bio argan and pomegranate oils.

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Natural treatment by Nature

Manufacturers of high-end cosmetics are still looking for new substances which would help keeping the skin young and beautiful. The latest trend is to assist the skin to be able to take care of itself - i.e. using cosmetic products to support its natural biological processes. Research shows that the best encouragement of natural processes are the best quality natural substances, and that the nature is able to surpass all products of modern chemistry. One of these wonders of nature are regenerating facial oils, which were already used in similar composition as today several thousand years ago. They contain a high concentration of purely natural active substances that are actually multifunctional - they bring tired skin back to life, supply it with energy, they hydrate, regenerate, soften and protect the skin against harmful effects of the environment.

Meet the bio regenerating facial oils and learn how they are used

Their advantage is their entirely natural composition without synthetic substances and preservatives. Just for comparison, try to read the label of any skin cream. With high probability, you will find "paraffinum liquidum" or mineral oil produced from petroleum on it, which are used as the basic ingredients in the production of creams. You might also find synthetic preservatives (Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl or Butylparaben, ...) and synthetic fragrances. By contrast, the foundation of bio regenerating facial oils are superior cold-pressed oils (bio jojoba, bio borage and rosehip oils), obtained in the most gentle way possible while preserving all active substances, vitamins and biostimulators.

Effects of bio regenerating facial oils

  • Bring tired skin back to life, maintain its natural balance, harmonize the function of the skin.
  • Help to keep the natural regenerative capacity of the skin and its moisturising process in balance.
  • They are suitable for wrinkles and against premature aging of the skin.
  • They keep the skin soft and supple and help maintain skin firmness.
  • They protect the skin from adverse effects of the outside environment.
  • The comforting scent of essential oils supports complete relaxation, and instills the feeling of immediate well-being.
  • They merge with the skin naturally, are easily absorbed and leave the skin naturally soft and silky without the feeling of greasiness.
  • They are suitable for all skin types, including the sensitive and problematic skin sensitive to regular cosmetic products.

Characteristics of Saloos regenerating facial oils

  • The oils are of a purely natural origin, and are only produced from carefully selected plants, which is a guarantee of their superb quality.
  • They represent harmonious combination of cold-pressed vegetable oils and essential oils, in many cases very rare and exclusive types.
  • They contain the largest possible amount of bioactive substances, vitamins and minerals in their natural form, and are able to transfer these substances to the skin in the maximum possible amount. They are the so-called "health extracts".
  • They penetrate the skin with comprehensive effect, their composition is similar to that of the body fats.
  • They are well absorbed, and do not leave the feeling of greasiness on the skin after use. They are suitable for all skin types and do not cause undesired adverse reactions.
  • They do not contain mineral oils (paraffinum liquidum) or refined oils. You will not find any synthetic fragrances, preservatives or dyes in them either.

Use of Saloos regenerating facial oils

Saloos bio regenerating facial oils represent a great alternative to creams. The oils have excellent effects despite the use of a lower volume of the product than necessary when using standard creams. It is just a matter of habit and getting used to their different consistency. Thanks to the practical dropper, the dosing is easy, efficient and sanitary at the same time. Apply few drops of oil and gently rub or massage into cleansed dry or moist skin of the face, neck and the neckline area. For visible skin improvement, apply regularly every morning and evening.

Three Steps towards naturally beautiful skin

If we want our skin to look great, we have to get rid of the dead cells and impurities that continuously settle on its surface. It is therefore very important and useful to clean the skin thoroughly and prepare it by using hydrophilic make up remover oil and a flower skin toner, before actually using the regenerating facial oil. After these three steps, the total effect is even more visible. The skin is healthy and luminous. Learn these every-day steps with us to achieve best results taking care of your skin.


Hydrophilic make up remover oil thoroughly and gently cleans the skin with or without make up, removes impurities and dirt.


Skin Toning

Flower skin toner Saloos increases skin moisture, gently cleanses, refreshes and tones the skin, leaving it perfectly relaxed, hydrated and ready for the follow-up care..



Bio regenerating facial oil Saloos brings tired skin back to life, supplying it with new energy, hydrates and illuminates the skin and protects it from harmful effects.


The composition of Saloos regenerating facial oils

Bio Jojoba Oil

One of the most valuable natural oils, includes balanced ratio of nurturing substances. Treats and regenerates the skin, smooths it out and maintains its natural humidity.

Contains a large quantity of biostimulators and polyunsaturated gamalinic acid helping to maintain skin firmness. It has high regenerative effects, and favourable soothing effects on problematic skin, contributing to its healthy appearance.

Bio Rosehip Oil

Rare bio rosehip oil, typical for its reddish hue, is a very rich source of vitamin A and contains a mixture of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Intensively treats and regenerates mainly dry and mature skin, it has highly superb effects, and is suitable against premature aging of the skin.

Essential oils and their fragrances

The composition of the individual bio regenerating oils is enriched by 100% pure essential oils, which give them many unique features and also a magnificent scent. It is well known that the fragrance alone may put you in a good mood, or evoke the feeling of relaxation and well-being, thereby stimulating the regeneration process. Our pure natural fragrances stand out in contrast to the complex synthetic substances and parfumes which are currently being used in the cosmetic industry. Rose is a rose, it is not merely a drop of essential oil covered by synthetic parfume.



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