Body Care

Shower oils

Shower oils gently and effectively remove impurities without disrupting the natural protective layer of the skin, without leaving the feelings of dryness or excessive greasiness on the skin. Shower oils do not foam. They create a smooth emulsion on the surface of the skin enabling valuable natural nutrients to create a lipid film on the skin surface. The oils support skin hydration and regeneration. They consist of cold-pressed bio sunflower, sesame and almond oils. They contain minimum amount of safe and light emulsifiers.

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Bath oils

Even Ancient Romans used to enjoy the beneficial effects of baths. Bath has long been associated with the cleansing of body and soul. Treat yourself to a piece of luxury and enjoy the magic of a natural bath. Simply choose the right type according to your favourite fragrance or your current needs. The oil will please not only your skin, but also your senses. While taking a bath, active substances are absorbed into the skin. After the bath, the skin remains clean, smooth and regenerated. The oils consist of cold-pressed bio sunflower, sesame and almond oils. The oils also have beneficiary effect on skin prone to dermatological problems. They contain minimum amount of safe and light emulsifiers./p>

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Bio peelingy

Women have known about the unique effects of natural abrasive therapy, which removes dead skin cells, for thousands of years. It is entirely up to you which of the available body peeling product to choose. Give priority to products containing sea salt, bio vegetable oils and essential oils, engulfing your body in pleasant scents. Apply a small amount of peeling onto wet skin in circular motion, then rinse. Use once or twice a week.

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