Step 2: refreshment and toning

Flower skin toner

To 'clean and moisturize" is the basic rule for achieving healthy and beautiful skin. Both can be achieved by the flower skin toners, which play an essential role in skin care. They lightly cleanse, tone and refresh the skin. The product is pleasant to use thanks to its fine floral fragrance of natural origin. Needless to say it does not contain any perfume. It can also be used to treat irritated skin. Skin toners provide immediate refreshment in the form of a pleasant-scented mist. Flower skin toners may also be used for inhalation, after shaving and depilation, or utilized in air moisturizer machines or baths. They can also be used as a quick fix in hair combing while tackling tangled hair.

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Flower skin toners

Every beauty expert will tell you, that the secret number one to beautiful and healthy skin is "cleansing and moisturizing".
Flower skin toners, also known as hydrolates represent an ideal solution for this purpose. They improve the overall humidity and moisture of the skin, clean and tone it lightly, leaving it perfectly relaxed and ready for the follow-up skin care.

Flower skin toners may also be used in facial and body wraps or skin wipes. Thanks to its practical packaging in a spray bottle, it can be used as skin refreshment during hot summer days, while on the road or during exercise. Flower skin toners may also be used for inhalation, in baths or in air moisturizer machines. They are also ideal for your hair, and may also be used after shaving and depilation.

What are flower skin toners?

Flower skin toners are produced during the manufacture of essential oils by steam distillation of leaves or flower petals. During this process, various beneficial substances are bound to them: vegetable waxes (regenerate the skin) and vegetable biostimulators (renew natural function of the skin and provide hydration). They represent purely natural type of skin toners with unique composition, unlike regular skin toners, which are produced by mixing distilled water with essential oils using synthetic emulsifiers, preservatives and fragrances.

Characteristics of Saloos flower skin toner

They are of purely natural origin, manufactured from carefully selected plants, which guarantees superb quality of the resulting product.
Contain the largest possible amount of bioactive substances, which they are able to transfer into the skin in the maximum possible amount.
Skin toners do not cause undesired skin reactions.
They do not contain any synthetic preservatives, perfumes, dye or emulsifiers.

Use of flower skin toners

Saloos flower skin toners in spray bottles are readily available at hand as a refreshing facial shower on hot days, in air-conditioned environments or while travelling.
Not only the skin, but also the hair looks better, the more frequently we moisturize them. Without water we can say goodbye to their thickness and volume.
Flower skin toners may be used by men as an aftershave

Saloos flower skin toners contain:

  • vegetable waxes (regenerate the skin)
  • vegetable biostimulators (renew natural function of the skin, hydrate)

Try to think about the contents of regular skin toners: synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers or perfume... This means they are artificial products.

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