Step 1: gentle and thorough cleansing

Hydrophilic makeup remover oils

Sallos hydrophilic makeup remover oils are one of the best skin products available. These oils containing natural substances thoroughly and gently cleanse the skin, leaving it soft and relaxed. They prepare the skin for follow-up skin care and regeneration. They are suitable for the fine skin area around the eyes, as well as for sensitive skin prone to irritation. They remove waterproof make up products easily. Their basic components are almond and bio sunflower oils, and bio sesame oil. They contain minimum amount of safe and light emulsifiers.

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Selection of cosmetic products based on skin type or fragrance

The right choice of cosmetics is a small step towards optimum results. Each skin type is different and has specific needs regarding skin care. It is certainly desirable to have the possibility to choose from a variety of products. Dry skin requires completely different type of skin care than oily skin. Similarly, young skin has different needs than mature skin and so on....
Another decisive factor when choosing our cosmetic products is the fragrance - we intuitively chose what makes us feel good. Therefore, it is not necessary to limit your choice to one specific make up remover. You can actually choose from a variety of fragrances suitable for your skin type.

Three Steps towards naturally beautiful skin

In the ideal case, you should use the hydrophilic facial oil with other Saloos skin products in three steps, every morning and evening:


Hydrophilic make up remover oil Saloos increases skin moisture, gently cleanses and refreshes the skin, leaving it perfectly relaxed


Skin Toning

flower skin toner Saloos increases skin moisture, gently cleanses and refreshes the skin, leaving it perfectly relaxed.



Regenerating facial oil Saloos invigorates tired skin, brings it back to life. It supplies the skin with new energy and hydration, while slowing down the aging process.


Characteristics of Saloos hydrophilic make up remover oils

  • The oils are made from carefully selected plants ensuring their superb quality.
  • They are created from cold-pressed vegetable oils of the highest quality.
  • The cold-pressing method ensures that all active substances are preserved in the oil during the production process.
  • The oils contain the largest possible amount of bioactive substances and have the potential to transfer these substances into the skin.
  • The oils do not contain any petroleum substances , synthetic perfumes, preservatives or dye.

Use of hydrophilic make up remover oils

It is no secret that in order for your skin to look healthy and fresh, it needs to be clean in the first place. It goes without saying that going to sleep with your make up on is regarded as one of the worst skin care mistakes.

However, skin cleansing does not relate to make up wearing women only. Meticulous skin care shall be also observed by those who are not particularly fond of make up. Whether we like it or not, miscellaneous impurities settle on our skin throughout the day. It is important to remove these impurities regularly. Otherwise, the skin cannot breathe and get rid of the excess skin selbum.

How hydrophilic make up remover oils care for your skin

They clean the skin thoroughly, but gently, filling it with the strength of natural substances, which make it soft, smooth and relaxed, preparing it for the follow up skin care and regeneration. They are very suitable for the fine skin area around the eyes, as well as for extremely sensitive skin.

How to use make up remover oils?

It is quite simple to use Saloos make up remover oils. Apply a few drops of oil on a moistened cotton pad. Moisture is important, because the combination of the oil with water creates a creamy emulsion, which perfectly cleanses the skin. Use a few pads to achieve the best results. Once you notice the pad remains clean, you can finish the cleansing process.

It is recommended to clean your face every morning and evening. Impurities settle on the skin not only during the day, but also during the night preventing it from breathing freely.

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